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We design fire sprinkler installations in the latest technology, meeting the highest standards.


We quickly, efficently and professionally implement the most demanding projects.


We provide an efficient service that immediately responds to the most difficult situations

About Abguard

Our goal is to provide you with a bespoke fire sprinkler system and a hassle-free service experience. We use certified components provided by well-known suppliers. Our engineers are trained, hold certifications from national associations and are always keen to share their knowledge and experience. We are able to provide a complete fire sprinkler service for your premises. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiry.

What we Do


We will design the fire sprinkler system to suit your property’s needs. Our detailed proposal will provide you with a full bill of materials, hydraulic calculations, and technical specifications, allowing you to make an informed purchasing decision.


We will carry out a professional, efficient and high-quality installation at your premises. Our installation engineers are trained, certified and keen to work on the most demanding projects. We can install a new fire sprinkler system at the construction stage, upgrade an existing sprinkler system, or retrofit a sprinkler system into your building.


We can prepare a maintenance plan for you based on the latest British and European standards. We will remind you when your service is due and fix any issues you may have.

Localised Fire Suppression Systems

There are many situations where assets and property are under threat from the risk of fire. These risks increase when the building is remote or unoccupied. Unattended risks can be present in places like laboratory fume cupboards, electrical cabinets, automatic machinery, engines of commercial vehicles or offshore wind turbines. ABGUARD has the solution. We can provide, install and maintain localised fire suppression systems which are modular, cost effective, and cause minimal disruption during the installation process.

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